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Keeping Kosher Without All The Pain

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Helping You Keep Kosher

Your live a busy life and your time is valuable. With everything else on your plate, the last thing you need is to stress about finding kosher foods when you're in a rush. That's where we come in. We exhaustively research different types of food to make sure they're kosher. With Kashrut.org, keeping kosher doesn't have to be restrictive or time consuming.

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About Us

Kashrut.org is a Jewish nonprofit organization dedicated to making it easier to lead an observant, authentic life. About 40 years ago, the Abadi brothers got together and made a pamphlet of kosher foods and mailed it throughout their community. Their goal was to show that keeping kosher was possible without overwhelming dietary restrictions. Today, they continue to help folks find ways to keep kosher without interrupting their lives.


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(347) 694-5056

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